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Welcome to Nadine’s Language of Light Workshop Blog

To understand what Nadine’s doodle workshop is all about, we suggest listen to the video first.This video was made years ago during one of her mind-drawing doodle workshops… After you listened to the video you realize the power behind our own doodling.

In this creative workshop project, we are working with our 7 on the body chakra’s.

What are Chakras? 

Chakra’s are energy centers in the soul body, not the physical body but they are connected, and these energy centers exchange mental thoughts (electric) and emotional feeling (magnetic) information continuously, in a complex way in all our holographic reality fields.

The complexity of the energy exchange system we have in our soul (energy) systems and how this relates to our physical bodies is not easily explained. The basis of knowing how energy is passed between conscious energy forms, not only our physical bodies but also our soul bodies through our doodling is not been taught, but most intuitively know it.

Chakra’s are a part of the soul body that gives birth to manifest physical bodies. Nadine’s journals take each individual on an inner spiritual portal journey through doodling and writing. An the end of each of the seven journals a spinning and rotating card can be created as a form of an initiation.

Through this blog more writings on each of the Soul quality symbols will be posted on a regular basis.

Nadine’s first workbook was printed in grey-scale in 2003 due to the cost involved having it printed in full color, but today in 2018 we now have the full-color workbook available on Amazon.

The Language of Light symbols she used in her workbook and her journals is a universal cosmic language for anyone to use, they represent Humanities united quality energy fields, wave-forms and particles. They are the energy movement between frequency bands or radio waves, yet these waves and energies are multidimensional and exist outside of linear space and time.That means that through the wave fields we are intricately linked to each other, and woven into the fabric of the universe, as One. It is by our soul status, ( how much our soul is communicating through our higher self) We are now aware that we can alter the frequency of oscillation of the light waves and the vibration of the sound waves within our bodies. We all carry in our soul bodies through our thoughts and emotions.

This blog is for the people who like to do their own spiritual chakra doodling from home with the help of the individual chakra journals, or by having the main workbook they could set up their own classrooms from home or any other venue.

How Our Evolution Expands through the Chakras

Spiritual Portals of Consciousness

The Spiritual Portals are related to the chakras, a Sanskrit word that means ‘wheel’ or ‘center’ and refers to seven major spiritual energy centers of the soul body. We actually have 15 in the soul body. 7 “on the body” chakra’s and The 8th and 9th chakra’s pass through the Pineal gland from above the ears and through our brains. There are many more minor energy channels and they serves as Spiritual Portals of Consciousness, but in Nadine’s doodling journals people work with their 7 “on the body” chakra’s. These energy channels are defined by the degree to which we interact with our original spiritual-energetic Soul qualities.

We now live during times when many of us have an opportunity to full awaken. The most important thing that matters is paying attention to, and directing one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions during our awakening. What really matters is how we act towards others and speak words of kindness, gentleness, compassion and understanding. The more we embrace and interact with the language of our Soul, the more our disconnected DNA strands will reconnect again.

Portals of Consciousness.

Portals are spiraling electromagnetic doorways that connect two or more locations, dimensions, or points in time. Portals open into several layers of time or realities, including the astral world; the far reaches of physical, interstellar space; and alternate parallel universes. As one develops higher consciousness, they can travel, connect and communicate with anyone, anything, anywhere in the Universe, through the intention they create that is directed through one’s personal consciousness. In Universal Consciousness, all is seen as it is represented in energy and light signatures. the most profound light signature is Love. This vibration of light is the saving grace of all of humanity.  Love is the gateway to spiritual consciousness. It is through activation of the spiritual heart that we pass into a whole new world of expansion and joy.

Our responsibility is only to ourselves, firstly, and secondly, to exercise love, consideration, compassion and understanding towards others. These are the laws of the universe, not given by gods to man, but are found in the very nature of god itself and the nature and construct of the universe, and of which we are a part. There is no separation.

This information is absorbed through our seven energy chakras. When they pass through us we sub-consciously “pick up” this information, and by our awakening DNA status (thoughts and emotions), we pass this information through the light (thought) and sound (emotions), into the universe. Due to our descent into this physical third dimension over aeons of times, we fell into a forgetfulness due to our DNA that had been tampered with by other creators. Our energy bodies had so fragmented and hijacked by a parasitical force, our divine soul could only embody not more than 5 to 10% of its energy force. When our mental and emotional mind is fragmented our human body is easily possessed by dark entities. We’ve been messed with and manipulated by very negative ET races. The result has been that we do not remember all the lifetimes we have incarnated over and over again. The human race has had its memories erased of our past lives, our complete soul’s history has been wiped from our minds every time we incarnated back on Earth.

There is a battle going on, it’s a battle between the negative and the positive (Light and Dark) Remember, light means information, dark means lack of information.It has been proven scientifically that DNA changes its shape according to feelings. Negative feelings actually switch off the DNA codes, and the DNA responds by tightening up. And of course, the DNA strands unwind, and the codes switch back on, when we are experiencing heartfelt feelings.

The seven doodling journals with their Language of Light symbols in a holistic way aim to enhance and advance our soul evolutionary journey by connecting us to our higher sense of self . Humans are waking up to this information, we are starting to tap into this knowledge of our past that’s hidden deep in our DNA, our DNA is now being activated. Hence, the human Awakening is happening.
Activation of our DNA

Our DNA, a “double serpent” helix strands, is to be found in the nucleus of every cell of our human body. The nucleus or core of each cell contains all the information necessary to create our entire body and all our differentiated cells, but 97% of our DNA does “apparently” nothing. This so-called “junk” DNA contains the Light codes, sacred geometries and fire letters like the language of light codes that will assist us to bring through every aspect of our multidimensional Selves, giving us the Cosmic Conscious awareness of ourselves as sacred transfiguring Flames of Divine Love.

The truth is inside, in the “I am” expression of who and what you are. It’s encoded and programmed into our DNA.

Lets join Nadine’s Doodling workshops through the seven doodling journals that are linked to her main Language of Light workbook and her meditation book .

Happy doodling



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