– my body ,
– my mind ,
– my intellect constitute my identity.

But , perhaps that is not the whole truth.

These are said to be only superficial and are just digital instruments used to perform worldly acts under the control of ego. (my conscious mind)

Normally I am an ego-driven personality controlled by my subconscious digital logical mind from the age of around 4 to 5 onward.

Before… Did I know who I was?

YES, I was told that behind our human programmed consciousness is the Divine itself, the unconscious analogue mind who knows the real truth.

During my Awakening Process I will again tap into my inner child’s unconscious analogue mind, to awaken my Soul memories.

Only my intuitive human feeling nature can tap into my original unconscious – through my Higher self seven human energy channels.
Through the seven chakra Doodling journals that include special art-therapy exercises, we can all awaken our original unconscious analogue mind and re-discover the true creative divine artist within.
Nadine May

Start with the base Chakra journal

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