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I have been working on this Language of Light blog during our lock-down in Cape Town, South Africa and decided to gradually release all my written work published in a printed form and some as eBooks. These books will stay for sale on Amazon, as well.
I’ve started with the Doodle journals as free PDF downloads for people to start doodling while confined to their homes.

True Abundance

True abundance begins with a mental and emotional state of one’s being, which can create something out of “nothing”.

The real truth is proof that we all are souls, spiritual beings with a spark of intelligent, truly sentient creativity always linked in the present emotional connection between all living beings. Real abundance comes from within, bringing to us emotional and mental freedom and joy through creativity. We are all co-creators and our real power is a universal currency.

What are Soul Qualities?

The art-analogue drawings that I created in late 1999, became for me a kind of Language, a language of the soul. My esoteric studies helped me to link this soul language in a form of individual symbols, visualizing them spinning into our vortex wheels of energy, our body Chakras

The First Base Chakra Journal

The Base Chakra has six Soul Quality symbols starting with the most powerful soul Quality; Forgiveness followed by Perseverance, and Peaceful Bliss. When we embody those energy soul qualities, we expand our energy light body to create a more harmonious reality.

The first download page titled: Free download ( includes the two first Soul qualities of Forgiveness and Perseverance) click onto the images followed by a page titled:  ( includes the two Soul Qualities of Peaceful Bliss and Purpose.

The fifth and sixth soul qualities are Friendship and Global Unity. This page is still under construction including the conclusion pages 86 – 108.  

Nadine May


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