Base Chakra Journal – Free Download

The Base Chakra – Soul Qualities; Forgiveness & Perseverance

Each chakra resonates with a particular frequency of vibration and is an integral part of Vibrational Medicine. Chakras are balanced by inviting them back to their natural state of vibration & frequency using by creating your own Souls quality symbols through doodling. This mind-drawing activity is favourably stimulating the senses, and the nervous system and therefore, the chakras are balanced.

Earth Star Base Chakra – is a deep red portal energy that grounds our physical body on the Earth. When healthy rejuvenation and restoration will occur directly from Mother Gaia.
This chakra reflects our vitality & energy and our levels of awakening. it also controls our survival instinct, our stamina, our pioneering abilities our fight or flight responses and our anger & rage, courage, strength and perseverance during difficult times. It links to the heart chakra where passion, control, materialism, selfishness and our impatient temperament are expressed.

The Seven Primary Chakras

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The Energy Power Codes of Forgiveness
By downloading the first section of the Base Chakra journal, see if you can print it out, or follow the instructions by having pieces of paper handy.

The first 24 pages of the 109 Language of Light Base Chakra journal include a foreword, table of content, introduction, instructions, and several doodle formats. This will allow you to get into the doodling guide steps followed by a grounding meditation and the creation of your first initiation symbol of the Base Chakra. It includes writing pages and your own Symbol of Forgiveness drawing formats and your forgiveness card.

This is free download of ten pages is the Second Initiation Symbol about the soul quality of Peaceful Bliss. The exercises are guiding you the doodler into your inner world through doodling and writing your thoughts that trigger and stop your Peaceful Bliss moments. By removing these dysfunctional energy thought forms mentioned in the Base Chakra energy field doodle format, and writing about them, the first Red ray can give new birth to life.

The Second Initiation Symbol of Peaceful Bliss

On the following page, we will add the third and fourth initiation Symbols of Perseverance and of Purpose.