Perseverance and Purpose

The two Soul Qualities of Perseverance & Purpose

The Third Initiation Symbol of Perseverance

Our Soul energy needs to learn to overcome physical matter while experiencing life in a human body, so the soul quality of Perseverance is a very powerful energy code.
By drawing out your symbol and writing the obstacles you realized you have stored into your auric field through your human experiences becomes known. Now is the time to be made aware of these thoughts and beliefs that have held you back from staying in a fully awakened observer mode during these difficult times.

The Fourth Initiation Symbol of Purpose

The soul quality of Purpose when awakened gives us a direction or an awakening where our passion lies. This is often expressed in physical or mental activities that give joy and fulfillment when activated. The will power of the soul will guide anyone if the intent is to be of service for the good of all.
Like all the true inventors in any field they follow a certain discipline and merge the physical sciences with spiritual laws.

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