The Soul Quality of Forgiveness

Taken from the meditations on the Language of Light book in my shopping page
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Awakening to the Universal Soul Quality Energy of Forgiveness.

Forgiveness is the leader soul body vibration symbol of the Language of Light. When we embrace this soul quality we will have the determination to pursue our soul purpose or our visions in order to manifest them into physical form. Draw your final symbol of forgiveness in the circle within your card. This1st frequency of the soul quality of Forgiveness carries the gift of change, determination and for some leadership qualities. This soul quality help you translate universal knowledge into personal wisdom. This also requires the power of commitment – making a contract between our body, mind, and soul.

The Language of Light workbook has more classroom doodle formats to guide the facilitators in helping student doodlers into their inner world where this Soul Quality is often damaged by traumatic experiences. Having appropriate music in the background helps to set the mood. At the back of the workbook, there are some doodling interpretations that could be shared in a classroom when appropriate.

Let’s take a journey through our first energy soul body root channel through which our Higher self can embody the six Soul qualities mention in our Language of Light workbook. and the first Doodle journal. How to achieve this first initiation that starts with the most important quality of Forgiveness.

Thought the doodle journal thoughts like … “who could be so callous as to not realize that I was hurt?” How can I forgive so and so”…
Deep down we know we have to somehow get to a point that we need to let go. That is where art therapy comes into play. In our case through simply doodling.

Most of us at one point or another don’t realize when we’ve been hurt or caused hurt that we are either going through or living out of our own hurt.
Often we don’t realize the impact of our words and actions have on others. We can become so self-absorbed, tending to our own wounds as we plough through life unaware of who we have injured or affect in the process.
We can become so consumed in the pursuit of our own desires and agendas or the avoidance of our own pain that we look past our fellow travelers in life… and we slowly become ignorant to our impact on them.
People who are attracted to become a Reality Shifter must invite their Higher self to take control. This intent is very important through the doodling and writing past in the first journal.

Withholding forgiveness will not only prolong our healing, but it will assure that what was said or done will dwell in our thoughts and emotions until the point that it begins to manifest in our own behaviors. And before we know it, we are another one of those hurt people tromping along hurting other people.
Not everybody feels drawn to reach out to others with their own self-inflicted issues, therefore these doodling journals are a way to heal ourselves in our private capacity.

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The following soul quality we need to access is Peaceful Bliss.