Friendship and Global Unity

The Fifth Initiation Symbol of Friendship

Friendships we create on the internet are just as important as the connections we have with our physical friend, but they are different. Each has value especially when we have build a spiritual foundation. They say true friendship is eternal. I use the word ‘true’ to mean if the friendship is founded on mutual respect and unconditional love for each other’s differences. On social media, we form or join groups and there we often find friends who have a similar outlook on life, which is very helpful during the times we are living in. Many people who still live in a family environment where world perceptions differ, it’s through these online groups where they can feel being at home on a mental level.

The Sixth Initiation Symbol of Global Unity

The Soul Quality of Global Unity

The awakening of the soul quality of Global Unity is the best tonal frequency to become in tune with Spirit.
This last Base Chakra Soul Quality symbol drawing exercise will establish a grounding cord. This very Earthy energy connection is necessary to stay in balance in our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

The following, last blog page on this Base Chakra doodling journal includes a Base Chakra Meditation and the templates of several cards etc, followed by the first Base Chakra initiation.