Sacral Chakra

How Our Evolution Expands through the Sacral Chakra.

As I mentioned before, at the fundamental level, the universe is a space and place that consists of 99.9% waves of light and sound. What we think of as “empty space” is actually filled by light and sound waves, and the first thing to understand is that waves move in patterns and in particular ways and both carry information.
In this creative workshop project, again we are working with our 7 “on the body chakra’s. This time with our emotional Sacral chakra, our body’s sensational center.  By working on the Sacral chakra, you learn how to tap into your creativity. Doodling will trigger your inner artist within.

Sacral Chakra – the ORANGE Ray deals with our feelings of Joy, ecstasy, warmth, desire, sexual, sensual, birthing something new, creative, sociable, gregarious, generous, shock & trauma, codependency, impatience, depression, addictions, ambivalent and self-indulgent.

Let’s explore the role of our six powerful Soul body qualities of Structure, Direction, Hidden Truth, Integrity, Communion and Humanhood in order to realign your Sacral chakra

Awakening journey through the Sacral Chakra

Taken from the meditations on the Language of Light book in my shopping page
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In order to become emotionally stable its very important to remove any blockages in order to truly become the observer of the reality, we our-self have created. It’s an important foundation of our feelings and of our well-being. The six Soul virtues or Qualities that will activate this chakra is as follows. Structure, Direction, Hidden Truth, Integrity, Communion and Humanhood.
Your own doodling art within this journal will assist anyone to get familiar with these soul qualities. Some say that any kind of a belief in some form of social structure system gives ‘structure’ to people lives, but that is not necessarily true. Learn about the first Quality within the energy channel with is the power of Structure.