The Base Chakra

How Our Evolution Expands through the Base Chakra.

The Base Chakra – with the Soul Qualities of; Forgiveness & Perseverance, Purpose, Friendship, Peaceful bliss and Global unity

Earth Star Base Chakra – is a deep red portal energy that grounds our physical body into the Earth. When healthy rejuvenation and restoration will occur directly from Mother Gaia.
This chakra reflects our vitality & energy and our levels of awakening. it also controls our survival instinct, our stamina, our pioneering abilities our fight or flight responses and our anger & rage, courage, strength and perseverance during difficult times. It links to the heart chakra where passion, control, materialism, selfishness and our impatient temperament is expressed.

How can Doodling Activate our Higher Consciousness?
First, let me explain how I have understood doodling to work in our awakening. At the fundamental level, the universe is a space that consists of 99.9% waves of light and sound. What we think of as “space” is filled by light and sound waves, and the first thing to understand is that waves move in patterns and particular ways and both carry information.

In this creative workshop project, we are working with our 7 “on the body Chakra’s. There are far more: We have 15 in the soul body. 7 “on the body”  The 8th and 9th chakra’s pass through the Pineal gland from above the ears and through our brains. In later work on the body codes of light, we work with 15 soul body energy channels.

The illusion of our physical reality

I have seen solid physical forms, from people in a busy Los Angeles airport, change in a split second into a moving sea of waves of colors. The moment my mind interpreted what I saw, it changed back to lots of people who were all waiting for flights.

It was then that I knew how and why my art therapy ( I called analogue drawing) worked. Doodling is a form of expression that comes from deep within.

Awakening journey through the Chakras

The seven chakra journals are about activating and awakening the seven wave portals of Consciousness. By a creative process through doodling and coloring feeling expressions, without drawing mental images, we arrive at what I have called symbolic qualities of the soul. These shapes and waves in colors become or form a symbolic language. Those symbols express a soul quality, a virtue hidden within each Chakra channel within the human aura.

Each of the seven Chakra Journals holds powerful information for our ascension journey. We start with our Root or Base Chakra which is symbolized as a four-petaled lotus. Each of the seven Chakra Journals holds powerful information for our ascension journey. The first doodle journal starts with our Root or Base Chakra with its 6 Soul portal Quality consciousness.

Our Base Chakra is one of the seven primary Chakras.  Its energy is based on the Earth element and is associated with the feeling of safety and grounding. It aligns our body with the frequency of the planet. It is located at the base of our spine, the pelvic floor, and the first three vertebrae. It is the root of our being and establishes the deepest connections with our physical body and planet Earth.


This Higher Self energy channel pertains to our sense of security in terms of abundance, especially our materialistic possession. A healthy Base Chakra is important for a strong foundation to support our decisions and desires in life. Since red is the color for the root Chakra, try to focus on eating red fruit and vegetable and wear red clothing while we doodle on the six soul quality exercises in the journal.

Let’s take a journey through our first energy soul body root channel through which our Higher self can embody the six Soul qualities mention in our Language of Light workbook and the first Doodle journal. How to achieve this first initiation stage, starts with the most important soul quality of Forgiveness.

The bottom image is from the meditations on the language of light

Anyone who is drawn to the awakening movement that is now evident all over the globe might be interested to give these art therapy workshops from their own home.

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