Peaceful Bliss

The Soul Quality of Peaceful Bliss

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The Soul Quality of Peaceful Bliss 

By considering yourself to be a soul and not the body, or are aware of the soul Qualities we all can have access to make a difference to our lives, we have to regain self-mastery and feel peaceful all the time. By creating peaceful vibrations when faced with obstacles, we allow our higher self to reach out to the wisdom of our soul’s energy body that is full of many virtues.

For self-transformation, all we need to do is be aware of our true nature. That means considering yourself to be a soul, a point of light in the centre of the forehead. Peaceful bliss feels like a blossoming flower with we smile at ourselves and another. Then at that moment, our soul body is the driver of the human body.
Often when we stroll through nature or look into a blooming flower, something happens within us. It has been written that at that moment we can connect to our parallel lives.
Through the Souls quality, we reached out through having compassion. Compassion is learned through experience. One not only experiences such things in the past, but in the present in one’s parallel life dance. For each experience, there is another that occurred in a parallel life.