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Many of my articles were written in the third person, because when writing I’m in my observer mode. I see myself as an interpreter of ideas.

Like in Nadine’s novels through the character Tieneke who is the facilitator of the Language of Light in her novels, she had visions of creative workshops interiors where people would feel at home and been inspired by the decor that surrounded them. The first artwork for this project came about from several doodling designs that were later incorporated in the journals. These products are sold through her shop at Redbubble.  

Nadine created these journals so people could do their creative work in a group where a facilitator uses the Language of Light workbook as a guideline by preparing her students for the homework using the journals.
The duration of these workshops could be on a weekly or monthly or any ongoing period decided by any facilitator.
Some of Nadine’ Decor or other products can be personalized by using every artist their own doodling designs.

The shops that all carry the products to do with her 7 journal products are:


The design on this page are taken from the background design of the Base Chakra cards and used as a watermark for all the journals.

The Language of Light Doodling products with Zazzle

More products with the background design of the Base Chakra cards titles soul vibrations or universal energy on Society6

More products available from my shop at Artsadd  and Rageon

Soul vibrations design at Society6

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